For sometime I have been telling people and I have written it here that I don’t remember my dreams. For a couple of years I have thought about writing down my dreams because to be honest dreams fascinate me. The human mind is truly a mysterious and wonderful thing and because of it’s complexities and power, I feel that there is some sort of Divine intervention when it’s being created and grown in the mother’s womb. Having stated that, it can have some pretty messed up dreams. I grew up with dreams that I was the strongest and fastest, that I was in search of something but never found it. That I was in love and living a happy life, that I could fly and I knew the secret. I still do actually.

All you have to do is have enough Willpower. No one will ever be able to bring you down.

Life changes and when you get older you acquire this ability that makes you forget things and speeds up your life. I know most of you have probably just rolled your eyes because you know what it is. Stress. I learned how to embrace it because it was getting the best of me. I thrive with a fast pace life and I love being on-the-go. There was a price to pay though. With that fast paced life I slept less and in doing that I sacrificed remembering my dreams. I would wake up knowing I dreamt something but I couldn’t remember anything about it. It flowed over into my life and I would forget things that I had just done and then I would remember them after doing the same thing 3 times over. I thought crazy was who you were not what you did. I definitely had both down. I found my writing began to lack that something, I don’t know if there’s a word for it but all other writer’s I know you know, that I know what I’m talking about. I would be able to write 3 pages non-stop and then as if my brain had a hiccup and the thought was gone and then it was a struggle to make sense of it all. For all you that “don’t write” , I give you this example.

You know when you drive somewhere and you have a plan and goal and you have the map of the route you wanna take and everything makes sense? It’s the feeling that you get when you stop at a stop sign or red light and you realize, looking around, that you have no idea how you got to that specific spot. Your brain has deleted the last 10 minutes and you can not recollect any of the driving you did and how you got there. You drove in automatic-pilot. You were so distracted with everything else in life that now you start thinking, what else don’t I remember? Stress. It’s like that.

In a previous entry I had mentioned that I found a tweet that stated if you consume B6 you will remember your dreams and they will be more vivid. I spread the news and would bring it up in conversation whenever I could because I was so damn excited about it. As soon as there was a pause in any conversation I would blurt out,

“Did you know B6 helps you remember your dreams? And makes them more vivid?” The person that I had already told 5 times would reply,

“Yes, now can you please just go buy a bottle of it.” I should mention the person I told 5 times was me. I would wake up frustrated that I couldn’t remember last nights dream and tell myself that.

So I bought some.

I went shopping yesterday to do my weekly round and I actually had the priority to get toothpaste and deodorant and soap. Guess where the soap was? Only one aisle away from the vitamins. I turn the corner and found 2 people standing in front of the selection of vitamins. A gentleman was reading the label of a bottle very intently and a lady was scanning the shelf, probably trying to find what she was looking for. I did realize though that her scanning was actually very quick. Maybe she’s an alien and can read 2x faster then us regular folk. I stood behind them and did my own scanning, way slower of course. I always have this feeling that I should find things the first go-around. When I don’t, I tell myself it’s my fault and I should concentrate and I definitely went faster then I should have. I scan the first row and find a label that starts with B, but there is no number along with it. I’m scanning right and abruptly find myself looking at C. That pesky vitamin that always gets everyone’s attention. Is vitamin C really that good for you anyway? What?…it does what? Seriously? Hold on let me Google that….well what do you know, maybe I should be taking vitamin C also.

So I’m standing in this aisle and the more I go to the right I seem to be going through the alphabet. I move down one shelf and no better. I sigh in my head and start thinking, there has to be B6 here somewhere. Great, watch it be the only vitamin they don’t have, just my luck. AUGH. I stop scanning and look at the other 2 people also looking at the vitamins. They are standing directly beside the shelf and so up close that they are blocking the view of some of the bottles. I let out another sigh and take a step forward. I start again. Top shelf and to the left, and begin. Vitamin A, I feel good about how it’s starting. There’s several rows of A and then it goes to B. Deja-vu. Hold on a second though. There’s the very top shelf, usually I don’t look up there because I figure it’s were all the rejected products go. Like the island of rejected toys I have found the shelf of rejected vitamins. I suddenly hear the Forrest Gump movie soundtrack playing and like some Hollywood magic I see the label. It’s like I have never seen it before. No, really I have never seen the label before. Life seems to go into slow motion, just as Forrest Gump did when running across America, 20 times or so. Really wish I could put that on my bucket list. I have a thing about running to nowhere. Oh right, back to the vitamin rejects.

My hand takes hold of the bottle and I read the label as if it’s a book that I have wanted to read for a very long time. I notice at the bottom something that really makes me smile.

The Label says:

It’s going to benefit and assist me in my new eating lifestyle. I have now solved the age old question,

“But why in heaven would you take B6?” My real reason is safe and no one knows. Ok well, you know what I mean.

I get home and on the Directions it says, Adult: Take one tablet daily before meal.

I formulate a schedule, take a tablet before every dinner meal. After dinner is cooked and plated, I open the bottle. It felt like Christmas. Wait, no even better, like it’s my birthday!! The bottle says 100 tablets. Ok good, 3 months worth of supply for the low cost of 3.99$. I pour out 1 very small tablet, oh look it’s white.

Sorry it’s a thing.

Pop it in my mouth, and look forward to going to bed. Expectations are high.