I can’t remember my dreams.

You get to a certain age and some things really do matter. I’m not talking about your usual emotional valued stuff. You know what I mean, spending time with a loved one, catching up with friends, starting that hobby you have always wanted to start. I’m talking about a really good night’s sleep.

I haven’t slept very well for some years now and I really haven’t tried to figure it out because really I haven’t had enough energy to do so, I think it’s because I haven’t been getting enough sleep. So I start writing this and decide to Google “what happens if you don’t get enough…” and the search auto populates the word sleep. Oh crap, this is not a good sign…I find this tiny morsel of an article.


Now as you read that article just skip to the ironic one…#10.

10. Sleep Loss Impairs Judgment, Especially About Sleep

I automatically think if your not sleeping, then of course you don’t care about sleeping. It’s like saying I never took my driving test so I don’t know how to drive. Well, duh. Then again you could know how to drive illegally but then how would you sleep illegally???

Oh never mind, back to the article. The one that I really am disturbed about is…yup you guessed it..

8. Losing Sleep Can Make You Gain Weight

I know most of you thought it was…

4. Lack of Sleep Kills Sex Drive

Well, you obviously need to have sex so go out there and get some.

I recently made a lifestyle change and improved my nutrition. I am purposely not using the “D” word because my goal was not to lose weight but take care of my body and feed it properly. Weight loss has been a happy bi-product of the lifestyle change. People started saying to me “You look like you lost weight”. I, of course acted very nonchalant,

“Really you think so? I haven’t really noticed.” PFFT Ya right!!

Where was I? Oh right..oh crap…

7. Sleepiness Makes You Forgetful

I love my sleep, I hardly get any and I know I need to get more of it but I’m always worrying about something so I only go to bed when I’m falling asleep somewhere else. Usually I torture myself with Youtube. I watch everything from the FAIL video’s, because I like watching dumbasses hurting themselves, why do I always end up talking to my computer monitor?

“Oh my God, what are you thinking?” I know, the question assumes they were thinking in the first place.

I know I know…

I love watching the movie trailers though. I love me some movies!!!

I fall asleep at my computer and I make my way to my bed and crawl into bed and I don’t even realize I fall asleep. I do sometimes have the sensation of falling into sleep. I am aware of my surroundings and I know I’m falling asleep and I feel pure joy. I know that I will rest. Every night everyone dreams whether we remember the dreams or not. I used to remember my dreams very often and some of them have become short stories. Don’t get me started on the ones where I have had conversations with dead relatives. That’s for another day.

I love remembering my dreams because I wake up and I have something to think about and it is a nice distraction from my boring reality of work, eat, sleep. Hey, is that the sequel to Eat Pray, Love?? By the way, that movie has India in it. Have I said I love India?

Ok, back to sleep.

At some point I stopped remembering my dreams and I have desperately tried to remember. I remember fragments but nothing worthwhile to share. Then this happened yesterday…

. UberFacts@UberFacts 12 mins

Foods rich in vitamin B6 have the ability to make your dreams more vivid and help you remember them.

I Follow this account on Twitter and I get maybe 4 or 5 tweets from it a day. Most of them are insightful and I enjoy getting them but this one really got me excited. So much so that I had to tell people. I went to visit a colleague of mine at work and our conversations usually are a hilarious banter back and forth about anything, I will share with you the conversation in a bit.

Once I found out this information about the B6 vitamin, I got excited and began to plan a trip to Shoppers Drug Mart ( Canada’s version of an all-in one pharmacy) to buy up all their supply of B6. I had a little hope that I would start remembering my dreams. I hesitated because all of a sudden I realized the quote says Foods. I asked someone (my girlfriend) if I had to eat the food rich in B6 or if supplements work the same. I was reassured that it would be the same. That is not a medical opinion though and I may have to consult a medical professional, preferably with a PhD. I found out that tuna and pistachio’s are high in B6, now I love tuna, that won’t be a problem but tuna has carbs in it and I stay away from carbs, so I can eat tuna in moderation. Second, pistachio’s are so annoying to eat. They are one of the most delicious nuts to consume in a large quantity but it takes forever to go through each one and try to open the shell and then the tips of your fingers hurt and your frustration builds so much that you just want to throw all of them out.

Enter my colleague….

I go to her desk and the banter begins. I start out by observing that she never looks like she is working. She gives me this “I’m offended” look and her colleague who sits close to her snickers at my comment and validates my observation. I point out that she wears “old school” converse shoes, and they even have a Superman insignia on the side. My all-time favourite superhero? Yup you guessed it. There is a laughing pause, we literally always laugh. I then blurt out…

“Did you know B6 helps you remember your dreams?” Her reaction was exactly how I felt. Her face painted my sentiment of B6 exactly.

“Right?” I said to her facial expression.

“What is B6 anyway?” she asked with excitement.

“Who knows, as long as it helps me remember my dreams.” I said with enthusiasm. “And what happened to B5? Why is B6 so great?”

She is laughing now even more. I continued,

“Well B5 comes B4 B6…” We couldn’t stop laughing…