Flowing, Churning, Crashing, ever moving.

She has power that makes men weep.

She holds within her all of life’s treasures, she locks them in her heart.  She will allow you to see and feel her soul, but she will take your life first.  Respect her waves, she can easily bring you to your knees if you laugh at her.

She is the eternal sanctuary of souls.  Her laughter makes your ears bleed with sorrow.

To be in her arms is to feel the warmth of her soul. Even when her waters are cold, she can warm your weary bones.

She will cradle you to sleep and take you to the place that holds men’s dreams.

Don’t doubt her.  She comes in waves, slowly at first and then with a roaring thunderous applause.

She leaves as quickly as she arrived but she will fill your shoes with the grains of her past.  You can walk away from her but your eyes will search the horizon to see her.

If she whispers, I love you, don’t ever be ungrateful.

She will kiss her teeth and wash your soul.

Your life will begin with her, and she alone will decide when to take you into her.

She can hypnotize you with her eyes, and cleanse you of your troubles.  Her ears are the shells by the shore when you come crying to her.

So, when you stand before her and ask her why are you here, she will tickle your feet with her tears.  Her happiness will rain down on you as the water crashes against your rocks of self pity.

All of this I say to you because I have gone to her and I have seen the souls floating by the shore.  To many times, men have abused her and left their waste upon her.  Bleeding their filth.  I say to those who haven’t seen or tasted her.

Take heed.

Beware the Ocean.