I stayed home today.  I woke up and didn’t feel well and I will spare you the details.  I just don’t find it necessary to describe a sickness.  I lay down on my couch and tried to fall asleep.  The past couple years I seem to sleep a lot better when I fall asleep in front of the T.V.  I slept for about an hour and then started surfing through the channels and I couldn’t get past CNN today.  I used to love CNN but in the last 10-15 years its more National Inquirer than journalism so I’ve been a BBC World News fan.  Before you think I am going to say something nice about CNN, I’m not.

In 20, mind numbing seizure causing minutes, the people “reporting” the news, repeated the same information 5 times.  If I have to repeat myself twice I start getting annoyed.  I started making a face at the T.V.  You know that face, the one which looks like you are being tortured and you would rather have an ice pick jammed into your ear canals.  The fact that they weren’t really saying anything except for the obvious wasn’t why I started making the face.  The reporter was standing in a park in the city of Boston all bundled up, and this is what she said,

“It is snowing heavily.”

When I hear something stupid, I usually have a “tell”.  I sigh heavily and then close my eyes for a couple of seconds just so I can stop from having an induced stroke.

The whole reason why the reporter is standing in a park in Boston was because they knew this storm was coming.  It’s like me knowing I am going to have potatoes for dinner and when I sit down at the table I say,

“There’s a bowl full of potatoes on the table.”  Thanks Captain Obvious.  If I’m reading it in a newspaper then that’s different.  I can’t see or didn’t see what the newspaper reporter experienced, so if they write,

Standing in the south end of the Boston Park I was overwhelmed with the heavy snow that seemed relentless.  The wind continuously slapped my face and the only reprieve from the on slot of snow was to turn my back against the wind.

The benefit of television is that you can see everything.  You don’t have to explain what I can already see.  You are standing in over a foot of snow and I can see snow blowing around you.  There are people behind you walking their dogs and the dogs have to actually run and jump over the snow, just because of how deep it is.  I don’t need you to tell me,

“The snow continues to fall and I’m getting hit in the face with strong winds.”

Tell me about how the snow is affecting the area and if there are any deaths and how long it will last.  Don’t make it seem like it is unusual that it snows at this time of year.  It’s the end of January!  If its 30 degrees Celsius in January, then I would expect surprise and you can absolutely repeat yourself because it is very unusual to see that kind of weather in January.

To be fair, CNN has also reported on a seawall breaking and have shown video of roadways and provided updates from local governments.  That information is useful.

You also have to stop using this declaration,


After 3 hours, and I choose that time period as a guideline not that it has to be this time always, it no longer is breaking news.  Also, it never was breaking news because you knew the storm was coming.  Breaking News can only be used when something has happened that was never expected and it couldn’t be predicted.  If you choose to use this tactic to get my attention and it isn’t actual breaking news, I simply can’t respect you.

When I started watching their coverage, they had said it will be snowing for the next 10 to 12 hours.  A reporter has now just said,

“Well, it’s still snowing.”  REALLY??  Oh man, that means this snowfall is a storm.  What a surprise, I just never saw that coming.

So the reason why I was making my tortured face was because I thought to myself, what if this person spoke like this in real life?  I would just lose it!  Take a moment and imagine a conversation where someone repeats themselves over and over every 10 minutes.  Now you know how I feel.

Ok, I’ve said my bit.  Time to watch Food Network or Loving Nature.  That second channel is a new one.  It’s has amazing shows on African wildlife and I actually learn something.  On Food Network its showing CHOPPED.  In my house when I’m watching that, you always hear me say,

“You’re gonna make what with that?”

BREAKING NEWS:  Food Network is showing a program about food.  Shocking!