Well here I am sitting at the boarding gate.  The drive to the airport was uneventful.  Hema’s cousin picked us up and there was no traffic.  We arrived 4 hours before the flight.

The check-in was really easy, we were second in line, the ticket Agent was really nice and she found 2 seats together for both flights.  Here is why it’s really amazing she did that.

We completely forgot to do the online check-in yesterday and this morning while we were having breakfast, Hema turns to me and says,

“Oh, my God, we forgot to check-in!”

She quickly logged in and went the British Airways website to check-in and it wouldn’t allow her to do it.  She tried 3 times.  Only someone with OCD understands the importance to try the same thing 3 times even though you know that the 3 times might fail.  If it doesn’t happen after the 3rd time, then you know it wasn’t meant to be.  I completely understand that. Then she asks me,

“Didn’t they send you an email yesterday?”

I said,

“Oh yeah, they did.”  The infamous Hema look.

To all the guys out there, you know how you get the look to confirm disappointment and lack of responsibility in your actions, that you get from your significant other. Well Hema invented it.

She is the Master.

I have learned to keep all sharp objects away. My face was stuffed with whipped cream topped pancakes and didn’t think much of it.  I figured we would go early and do the check-in at the airport.  There’s no problem, right?  Well unfortunately, half of the passengers on the plane decided they would check-in online the night before. We stood around the ticket counter and watched as the British Airways staff set up the computers and people started to congregate around us.  A lady from the airline came up to us and asked,

“Did you check-in online?”

“No.” Hema said.

She directed us to one side and asked the people behind us and they said yes and were directed to the other side.

We had to wait another 20 minutes to check our suitcases.  No surprises, our bags were within weight requirements and we quickly were off to the gate entrance.  The bomb inspection was a quick pass. Yes, there was a guy standing there with a Harry Potter looking wand thing and he decided to wave us by. But I did notice that he did swipe the wand on the guy ahead of us, not because he was young brown-skinned and had a raggedy beard.  No profiling at all, not a single hint of it.

(sarcastic stare).

At the screening, I took my shoes off, took my laptop from my carry-on and placed them on the plastic trays.  I walked through and realized I forgot my cigarettes in my pocket.  I also wear stainless steel bracelets which I cannot remove.  The machine goes off and I say,

“It’s my bracelets.”  The inspector says that’s ok. But then he catches my crime.

“What’s in your pocket sir?”

I’m thinking, what the hell is he talking about?  My pocket?  Oh yeah, my cigarettes.  I say with such a guilty tone,

“Oh, right my cigarettes.”  Like as if he will confiscate them or something.  But he isn’t done with me.

“Open the package please sir.”  His tone is soft but direct.

He looks inside and finds, you guessed it, cigarettes.  He waves me through after asking me to lift my feet to look at my souls. Yes, I lifted them one at a time, but can you imagine if I started jumping up and down right there trying to show him both at the same time?  We put our shoes on and packed up our things and started walking to look for our gate.

Hema and I arrive at our gate.

C31, it looks so clean and cozy.  The best part of it was no one was there!  We decided to sit at the food counter and order lunch since we only had pancakes in the morning.  I ordered an espresso and a sandwich. This was probably one of the strongest espresso’s I ever had.  One very tiny sip and my brain launched like the space shuttle.  I was aware of all shapes and colours.  I think I also saw a unicorn dressed as a pilot.  Hema can’t confirm but I think she saw it too.

The best part of all this is, I’m so very relaxed.  I am feeling a constant joy.

Oh, I have to go now, they started calling people. Ok so now a man walked up to us and Hema started speaking to him and they apparently know each other. What a coincidence that my Indian girlfriend would know someone going on the same flight. Weird, right?


I will sign off now and write again when I get to Heathrow airport.

YAY, I’m going on a plane!! There better not be any snakes.