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DAY ONE   I haven't gotten much time to tell you my story, I am somewhat restricted with time and what I can tell you. Let me get to the point.  It seems the more I try to explain my [...]

The Cellar

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    The stainless-steel ring of keys jostled in his hand as he made his way down the winding marble stone staircase to the basement.  He was determined to find the gold candlestick holders for the wedding he would be [...]


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A Short Story The soil was getting softer under his shoes which meant that he was getting closer to the coast. His legs were moving on automatic, his exhaustion from the last 3 days seems to have disappeared. His partner [...]


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The 20 centimetre wing span made a small shadow on the grass. It prepared for a landing, it glanced at a brown wooden fence. Perfect landing. It’s small heart could now rest for a couple of seconds. It’s head jerked [...]

Good Morning

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He woke up puzzled. Lying in the dark blinking several times trying to make out objects in his room, the warmth of his bed was peaceful. He smiled lightly thinking he had nowhere to go today, so he could just [...]

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