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Most of the time when I get a writing idea it gets dismissed because I find it goes no where or that it was just a flash of a possibility and then there are those times when the idea is [...]

Justin is no Pierre

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If you are man today and over the age of forty, you were definitely raised in the generation where you heard the line at some point in your life, “You are just like your father.” When I arrived with my [...]


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I struggled to find the words to describe what Pune has done to me. I was so focused on Hema and looking at the city through her eyes, that I didn't realize how Pune effected me personally. One of the [...]

The Warriors of Pune

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To say Hema was excited about going back to Pune could be my biggest understatement. When we started planning our India trip our biggest dilemma was, what part of India should we visit this time. For me, it was easy. [...]

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