To know her is to feel Love.  When you first meet her, you instantly fall in love and imagine your life filled with compassion.  She knows when you are lost.  She will spend her days and nights to find you.  When your heart and soul feel unbearable despair, her embrace will wash away the pain.

To know her is to feel accepted.  In her heart, you can do no wrong.  If she sees you stumble she will not pick you up but share her strength and teach you how to stand.  She demands you to be the greatest You.  If you disappoint her, she allows you to reaffirm her trust.

You will never be able to measure her commitment to you. Her beauty spreads over you like a peacock fanning its tail.  You first see a common bird that moves toward you with casual curiousity, but when you get close to her, she spreads out her beauty so you can not see the ugliness in your life.  You are hypnotized in her gaze.  She will never look through you, that would mean she doesn’t see you.  She will always look inside to find where your soul is hiding.   She see’s past your defenses and cradles your vulnerabilities.  Then turns every single insecurity into a virtue.

Everyone that meets her can never forget her.  Not because of how she treats you or makes you feel.  She does all that by making you the most important person she has ever met.  You will never forget her because she imprints your soul with her love and beauty.  This allows everyone in your life to feel her love and see her beauty through you.  Her name flows through your mind leaving messages to remind you of your beauty and that you can love and be loved.  Staying in your life, you can not fight how her love makes you better, if you resist you are not hating her but denying who You can be.

Never disrespect her, she stings you but then will leave you alone in your pain.  But don’t ever think she hates you, she won’t be able to hate, she leaves you because her pain is too great.  She will feel as if she has let you down.  You will regret disrespecting her, at that moment you must sustain her love she felt for you, all alone.  For the ones who really loved her, they will search for her again and plead for her to let them back into her embrace.  If they never come back, she will then know, they never understood her.  Don’t allow yourself to be away from her, just call out to her, she can hear you even if it’s dark.  Just say her name.


Her name will change you.


Happy Birthday my beautiful Madrina!!

Meferefun Oshun!