Is it better to say something or say nothing at all?

I have been having this discussion with myself and with others and the overwhelming feeling is that everyone is conflicted with the dilemma of Freedom of Speech.

I am a strong advocate for the absolute Freedom of Speech.  I believe that everyone should be able to say, write and or sing anything they want, anytime they want.  I just can’t grasp a reality where I am not Free to express myself and communicate my thoughts in any way I see fit.  I also love the fact that if I choose to I don’t have to say anything at anytime.  Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean you have to say something every single time someone says something you disagree on.  That’s the beautiful thing about Freedom.


You can choose.


What happened in Paris is tragic and should never happen again, but really, that’s not the world we live in.  I have been hearing a lot of debates on T.V about how the magazine should have shown some restraint and they don’t have to antagonize the Muslim community.  I fully agree.  They don’t have too.  They chose too.  It’s their Right too.  They live in a country where the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press are sacred.  They also don’t believe that a religious figure is sacred, and that an image of him or her is allowed.  If I believe an image of my God should not be drawn, then I will never draw or create an image of my God. That way my conscience is clear with my God. If someone else draws what they think my God looks like, well then my God can deal with it.  Any believer of God that assumes they know what God is thinking simply has an ego problem.  Your Deity created this world and all the things in it, don’t you think that maybe, just maybe He or She also planned on having all the other faiths and their believers and also the people who don’t believe in any faith as part of this amazing dysfunctional family we call the Human Race.


Every faith in some way or another believes we have to answer to all our words and actions and some even our thoughts, after we die.  So why would we be so egotistical and take action on our brothers and sisters in a violent way, thinking that’s what God wants for them.  Life is a gift.  It’s a gift we have no Right taking away from anyone for any reason at anytime.


When you have freedom, you must also be responsible.  The reason why you have that freedom is because someone or a lot of someone’s fought for you to have that freedom.  Every country that has the Freedom of Speech has a violent past because the people who obtained that freedom in the first place, most likely shed their blood or even someone else’s.  Because of that reason, we should never, ever let anyone try to remove that freedom, we should fight for it absolutely and protect it absolutely and use it absolutely.  In honour of all those who fought to give us that freedom.


If you choose not to use that freedom, I will also defend and respect you for exercising the choice to stay quiet.  Just because we have a freedom doesn’t mean we have to use it all the time.  That’s what is so great about any freedom; we can choose to use it or not use it at anytime.


If you choose to hate me for it and then cause bodily harm on me or even threaten my life over it. I will defend your Right to say so, or write it.  But if you take violent action against me, I will never respect you. No one will.  History is on my side and the future is also.  Think about it, we’ve had 2 World Wars because of it.  You are fighting a losing battle.


The problem is not with religion, the believers of religion must check their egos.


If you want to kill Evil you must kill your Ego.