I am just a man.

Stating this does not diminish who I am and should not be perceived as a weakness. There is a plague consuming Man, and it is gnawing at my being, so that’s it’s teeth scrape my soul. I am becoming immune to the sensation which I had sworn to myself that I would never tolerate, not even for a second.

You there, and I do say that with contempt, yes you, with your quick wit and raised voice. Words spoken with quick thought and imagination do not make an intelligent man. If you disagree with me, I will honour that point of view but to minimize me because you disagree with my point of view, makes you an ignoramus. Your point is not valid because you have wasted more years being educated then I have.

Indecision, individuality and self-professed intellect shine a mirror on your ego. Stubbornness claimed as strength makes you a mule for the status quo. Put on your tie and your hand me down suit from your fathers legacy. You can’t sit in your hand woven leather chair, made from the blood of someone who has more Sense then you, because your fat wallet is kneading into your hip bone as if saying, “These contents are stained.”

The speed of words spewing from your oral orifice make me gag. My body is wrenching from vomit that your thoughts have bombarded me. I’m frozen to listen to your despicable, useless and mind-numbing blathering. If I put on a tie and keep it folded nicely in my closet and use it everyday with a smile, that doesn’t make me a happy man. The arrogance behind that smile dulls the shine of your intent.

My patience is thin, like a needle embedded in the retina of my mind. I rub my eyes because I have lost all focus and they dry up from the constant whistling of stupidity. No longer can I stand idly by, let someone just use words just because it’s their Right. The Right to speak is not the same as the Right to make noise. Please be quiet, your noise is causing me pain. If you want to speak, then use words with respect, respect the listener. Words spoken without an audience fall like a tree in a deserted forest. They make a sound but they’re soon forgotten.

I refuse to accept that Man has decided to be so self-centered. I can understand that we get angry at each other and sometimes we can make mistakes. We are after all, only Human. I refuse to accept intolerance, hate, disrespect, racism, sexism or any ism’s for that matter.
I refuse to accept indifference. Not standing for something, makes you a cripple. Soon you would find, that respect is replaced with pity and all you hear is,

“The poor cripple, I wonder where he was headed?” A man with no legs can still tell you where he wants to go. A man with indifference goes nowhere.

After listening to your tie mumbling it’s mediocre verbal diarrhea, I’m left with an infection. My stomach turns and my mind searches for some way to forget the words that you invaded me with. Too long have men self inflated their sense of worth. A man becomes Great. It is an achievement, not a status to be placed on your corporate 30PT LuXe Silk Laminated, look at me I went to a post secondary school just so Daddy and Mommy can be proud of me, business card. I would have more respect for you if your suit was made of recycled toilet paper and your words were filled with respect. I don’t have the time to spell it for you. Sit down and let Aretha do that. Her voice will pacify your mindless chatter. The colour of a man’s teeth does not signify his intelligence. I see you smoking on your tube of cancer and I wrinkle my nose with disdain. Your manufactured smile with the pearls of deception behind it, you force me to despise you. You mock my happiness to give yourself some worth. I refuse to accept that.

I refuse to accept that this is what humanity has become. Were we not destined for greatness? This ever hating cycle that we are each better then the other must be laid to rest. Individuality can only be defended when we work together. Irony seems to smash into us at every turn. We are explorers not conquerors. I refuse to accept that killing my ancestors was your only choice. Choosing to look into a man’s eyes as his life drains from his limbs after being mutilated by your bronze coated spear, is not honourable. Just as watching someone dying of hunger is not equally honourable. Any animal that is not a human will always by instinct help out a suffering animal. A cheetah once killed a baboon, to then realize it was a mother to a baby. The baby exposed in a wide open field for other predators. The cheetah took the baby and raised it as it’s own. You can almost see the remorse as the cheetah lays down with the baby on a tree branch so other predators cannot get at it. Imagine we wrong someone and then we by instinct take care of their family, not because we have been convicted or been legally forced to do so. But because it’s the humane thing to do. I refuse to accept humans cannot be humane. Children should not be treated as collateral but instead as a precious resource that we must invest in. We use children to guilt us into acting humanely. We tap into them as if we need a litre of oil to fuel our greed. Our conscience lubricated with the blood and tears of children as they polish our devices so we can stay crushed on candy. If you believe in any deity, beware. If I was that deity I would be looking for some justice. Revenge is normal when you have been wronged so often. Too long has Man spat in the face of the universe, we indiscriminately poison the only home we have. Man was given the gift of foresight and instead stares at his own reflection in the mirror he calls ego.
Life is like a box of chocolates, we use that phrase to dismiss our imperfections. There is nothing about life that is like a box of chocolates. What you put into it is exactly what you get. I say throw away that box and live life to live.
We are bound to consume and we will kill to keep consuming, in the end it is you who will be killed. We are told we are a race of great accomplishments, imagine if we stop racing and no longer compete. Walking to our goal allows others to join. It’s depressing to have to say “imagine”. It should be our first instinct. Imagination is the spark of invention. We are creators, not destroyers. We are explorers. We must explore ourselves, to always strive to be better. But we lounge in our backyards of laziness and ponder how we can get others to do for us what we desire. Lethargic thinking has become accepted
No longer, I say. Demand from yourself what you seek in others. I say be the person you idolize. Show others that it’s not alright to dismiss their thoughts. Speak and you shall be heard. But , really speak out. Don’t wait for someone to ask,
“So what do you think?”
Be the one to ask the question.
We must stop undermining each other. We have destroyed as much as we have created. We are breaking even. According to the universe, it would not wager a bet on our success.
We have become the maggots of the universe, suckling on the breast of the Milky Way. We stunt our progress by abandoning our values and morals. We must do great things.
Our smallest of differences is what we should celebrate, we punish at every turn when we don’t agree. We should embrace when it happens. If every thought everyone had was the same then we would never improve.
Challenge yourself everyday to imagine something better. Stare your oppressor in the face and show your strength. No longer should you be shackled with fear, stand and say with your voice “I AM NOT AFRAID.”

Procrastinate no longer, your soul cannot wait.

You stare at the cement under your feet and let life walk by. There goes your love, there goes your friend, there goes you. What’s your number? What’s your designation? Where are you from? Where have you been? I am so proud to have you. Say these things to you. Share yourself with others. Vulnerability is the armour of strength. Pain is equal to all. Don’t count tears, but remember how you got them. That strength you feel is what you can share with others and they will admire your strength. I refuse to accept that quitting is even an option.

Stop giving me reasons to not care. Constantly getting hammered with irrational thoughts. Greedy and selfish thoughts. Having to explain my exhaustion, leaves me withered. Wanting to feel excitement, like that little boy who peels back the wrapping to his life long dream. I resent you all for not protecting my dream, I resent myself for not protecting yours. Let me spend my life making it up to you. I never meant to ignore you, I was also staring at the mirror of my ego. I want to be better and I want to be great. Not for myself but for you so I may see you grow and shine your star on others.

I refuse to accept the status of Humanity.