Travelling can be so rewarding. I happen to be on the bus right now and I had something happen in front of me that really made me think, humans aren’t that bad after all.

This day began at a fast pace and I was running around with my mother and having to run errands and also I had a bus ride to Hamilton scheduled for the late afternoon. I kept staring at my watch like some kid stuck in a boring science class. I use science class because I was truly horrible at it. At the 2 hour mark I was taking inventory of what I needed to take with me. I have a gift for someone and wanted to make sure I didn’t forget it.

By the way, I’m sitting in a pitch dark bus and the light of my cell phone is lighting up half the bus. There is a girl sitting beside me who occasionally texts someone. I’m wondering if she is wondering what I am writing. Maybe I should tell her I work for an international newspaper. Nah..back to the story.

So I get on the subway. The same one I take for work going east and so I know exactly what to expect. I sit on my usual seat and this woman comes and sits 2 seats away and the teenager who is with her sits next to me. I am bothered by it but focus on other things such as where I’m going. Two stops later a man comes in with 3 huge bags and sits right next to the woman and right in front of me. His hair is matted and he has a long white beard. It takes about 30 seconds but you are suddenly overwhelmed with the smell. This man is severely drunk. He sits down and alarms the woman and his hat falls over his eyes. And here is the moment…
The woman without hesitation adjusts his cap. She smiles at him and her smile is warm and compassionate. I am floored. This woman is dressed very well and she looks classy. In my opinion anyway. The man then gently thanks her. They have very casual conversation and then something wondrous happens. The man makes her laugh and she begins to get to know him. They are actually talking. Yes, he slurs and wobbles, but these 2 human beings are connecting with each other. In a million different places on earth, this wouldn’t happen. But it did on a Toronto subway on a Saturday evening. I stare at this woman and she looks at me and I smile a smile that tells her she is a beautiful human being. I am truly impressed by her. I feel privileged that I witnessed this. There are few things that move me now about the human race.
The woman and teenager get off the subway and I also leave the next stop after.
I get to the exchange station because I have to now go south to get to the bus station. I end up going north for some odd reason and get off the next stop and run over to the southbound platform and just manage to get the subway that has arrived. I get on the southbound train and I’m told by the intercom that the train will be out of service 1 stop before where I need to get off, due to construction. I get off the train and start walking to the bus station because I’m not waiting for some street car and I’d rather walk anyway.
The whole walk I’m wondering about what I saw on the subway. I still haven’t fully processed it. I’m just pleasantly surprised.
Good job universe!

I may have to go on bus rides just to find humanity again…

1 ticket please….