I think I’ve stayed quiet long enough and now I’m at the point where I have to share my opinion about something that’s going on in this country. In the past few months Canadians have discovered that some people haven’t been acting very appropriately. Ok, fine, I used the word appropriate instead of disgusting and appalling, because I’m trying to ease you into the fact that Men are still in the Neanderthal stage of their existence.

You know from my previous entries that I’m pretty exhausted at the fact that normal everyday human beings act and say quite a lot of stupid stuff. Human’s are plain and simple insane. There is no other way to say it. Someone once said,

“ Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein

If you don’t believe me just look at the history of human beings. The same story seems to cycle its way around and at every end of the cycle we get all introspective and promise ourselves that,

“We cannot have history repeat itself.”

Then just before it does we remind ourselves that we’ve been down this road before and our actions must be different so as not to have the same outcome.

World War II we saw millions of people die at the hands of someone who was allowed by the rest of the world to act out his self-righteous ideals and we regret it to this day. Later we see that others such as that man would hurt their own people and we always seem to go in after and yes we haven’t lost millions again but even losing 1 more to me is shameful. We know who these men are and where they live. We know that their citizens live in fear and are killed for speaking their own mind. The world has seen it how many times in history? How many other events can we at this point in history also predict. Do you have any idea how many countries live under dictatorships?

1.Belarus                                                                                 14. Myanmar

2.Cameroon                                                                           15. North Korea

3.Chad                                                                                      16. Rwanda

4.China                                                                                     17. Sudan

5.Cuba                                                                                      18. Syria

6.Egypt                                                                                     19. Tunisia

7.Equatorial Guinea                                                           20. Turkmenistan

8.Eritrea                                                                                 21. Uzbekistan

9.Ethiopia                                                                             22. Vietnam

10.Iran                                                                                     23. Zimbabwe




That’s a lot of countries and in those countries people are jailed and oppressed because 1 man decided how and why people should live. Now some of these countries I will admit just recently in history have had a major shift in government, so this list isn’t quite up to date but for a major part of their history it was under a dictator’s rule. I find it fascinating that all these dictator’s are all men. Not one single woman dictator. Here is where I make my point, and before I make it I want to say,


Men seem to have a problem. They are caught in a horrific and vicious circle. Men cannot seem to get out of the killing business. There is a lot of business to be made in War and killing people. Women don’t think so. They actually see the value in investing in the lives of others. If we look at history, let’s see how many women have made a business in killing?

Louisa May Alcott: 1832–1888

Author who produced the first literature for the mass market of juvenile girls in the 19th century. Her most popular, Little Women, was just one of 270 works that she published.

Susan B. Anthony: 1820–1906

The 19th century women’s movement’s most powerful organizer. Together with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony fought for women’s right to vote. She was also very involved in the fight against slavery and the temperance campaign to limit the use of alcohol.

Clara Barton: 1821–1912

Clara Barton got involved with tending the needy when she treated injured Union soldiers on the battlefield during the Civil War. She later was the founder and first president of the American Red Cross.

Marie Curie: 1867–1934

This physicist was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize — she actually won it twice — and the first woman to earn a doctorate in Europe. Her investigations led to the discovery of radioactivity as well as the element radium.

Elizabeth I: 1558–1603

Queen of England when England became a major European power in politics, commerce, and the arts. Smart, brave, and determined to link herself to her country’s fortunes, she cultivated the loyalty of her people and united the country against enemies. During her reign — the “Elizabethan Age” — England changed from being poor and isolated to being among the most important nations in Europe, with a powerful navy.

Indira Gandhi: 1917–1984

As the leader of India, the world’s most populous democracy, Indira Gandhi became an influential figure for Indian women as well as for others around the world.

Dolores Huerta: 1930–

A spokesperson for the rights of workers, Dolores Huerta helped create the National Farm Workers Association. Among other issues, she has fought for the right to a minimum wage, unemployment insurance, paid holidays, and retirement benefits for farm workers.

I first would like to apologize for not putting the other women in history that have so obviously helped humanity. Please go to the link below and read about all the great women this world has been fortunate to have live on it. What kind of world would it be if they hadn’t been alive? Can men have the same claim? Women have such an amazing history. Men would be wise to shut the hell up and let women do the talking.


So I come to my second and last point and I will leave you for the evening.

Men must stop treating women as subhuman. It is so obvious men are afraid of women and all that they can do and their insight and intelligence far exceeds that of men. It’s actually very embarrassing. I want all of us to be equal. I don’t want women to “take over” the world or make all the decisions and I don’t want men to stay home and be homemakers and all that stupid nonsense that comes with fear.

Men stop being so afraid of women. Women keep fighting the fight. Sooner or later it will sink in. It has to, or else we are all doomed.

Men stop treating women like toys. We aren’t supposed to touch, fondle and glare at them like they are our trophies to possess. Women are our equals and without them we would not have happiness in our lives. It’s a fact. Get over it!!

Every society that embraces women as equals flourishes and grows and progresses at an exponential rate. The limitation of any country is based solely on how free their female citizens are.

Goodnight and I leave you with this quote:

Women are not angels. They are as foolish as men in many ways; but they have had to devote themselves to life whilst men have had to devote themselves to death; and that makes a vital difference in male and female religion. Women have been forced to fear whilst men have been forced to dare: the heroism of a woman is to nurse and protect life, and of a man to destroy it and court death.

The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism

by: George Bernard Shaw