A Short Story

The soil was getting softer under his shoes which meant that he was getting closer to the coast. His legs were moving on automatic, his exhaustion from the last 3 days seems to have disappeared. His partner was nowhere to be found and he was sure that she was complaining about the heat. Sweat was streaming down his back and face and the wild grass that he was forcing his way through seemed to scratch his skin with every step. Some distance behind him he heard voices and he stopped in his tracks and squatted down. The grass gave him great coverage. After a few seconds, he knew they were hostile. The language was foreign but the tone was unmistakable. He reached for his blade on his left side of his belt. The handle was wrapped in leather for a better grip. Flexing his fingers on the handle, he peered through the grass, the voices coming closer and as usual, he planned out his attack. There were 3 men, one with a revolver and the other 2 with rifles. They were growing impatient with this man. He had infiltrated their camp and now held important information on the whereabouts of very sensitive government equipment. The first of the 3 soldiers was 10 yards in front when he had felt the hand on his ankle. As he looked down with surprise the blade was sliding into his groin, slicing his main artery. The soldier fell over and as his head struck the warm soft earth someone grabbed his hair, pulled his head back and made a quarter inch cut across his neck. The last thoughts are usually of why the person never saw it coming. By the time the other 2 came upon the body the murderer had moving away. As they examined the body and grimaced at the amount of blood seeping out of the throat area, the attacker was behind them jamming the blade into the armpit of the leader and with quick precision striking the 3rd and last soldier in the back, just above the kidney area. The attacks were deliberate and exact, nothing to chance. That is why they hired him after all. As he wiped the blade on his pants and was about to sheath his weapon, he heard some more rustling behind him. He turned to face his next victim,
“Oh it’s you,” he said satisfied.
“Would it have been such a big deal for you to have waited for me?”
“I told you to keep up.”
His partner’s feet were getting stuck in the moist ground
“Well, are you going to help me, Mike?”
“First things first,” he replied as he grabbed his partner by the waist and kissed her passionately. He picked her up and set her down on firmer ground.
“How’s that?” he smiled
“Mike Sharp you really do know what a woman needs don’t you,” she replied with a wink.