My Dearest Mother,


      I’m writing you today because this is your day.  This is your day where I get to tell you how very special you are to me.  This day was picked by someone to let everyone in the world that in Canada we all appreciate our mothers and how they have affected our lives. 


    So I begin with a small story….


    There was this boy born some time ago, in a time that was simpler and troubles were very few.   This boy grew up feeling he was never part of anything and didn’t fit anywhere not even in his own family.  His mother cared for him, his father spent time with him, but all he saw was his siblings getting more then he ever had.  This boy went through some heartaches and difficulties growing up, didn’t have many friends and he certainly wasn’t very good in school.  He never realized that in every moment there was an angel standing behind him making sure he never strayed very far and always expected him to be good to others,

“Never stoop down to those peoples levels.” he would hear from behind him, as he ran off to begin some mischief.

Every bit of advice, he heard, but it was only when he was older that he truly listened.  His angel ever so patiently planted the seeds of respect, understanding and compassion.  These 3 things that for this boy were now essential to being a beautiful human being.  Not once did his angel lose faith that this boy was going to be successful in his life or even find love that he could be proud of, even after such humiliating heart break.  His angel would wake him in the morning, so he would go forth in his adventure in life and once he returned, she would be there to heal his wounds and fill his stomach, words weren’t necessary.  She had this look that would say it all.  One day this boy told his angel what he dreamed of, she smiled and groomed his wings, to be sure that he could fly as high as he could, as he prepared to go, she knew he would be back, you can’t fly so high without falling, she worried greatly of his fall, but she hid her fear and smiled, as he looked back, all he saw was the smile and thought he could succeed.

Time past and this boy had left his angel behind, and he would try to remember all the things she said to him, be polite, always show people respect, especially those who do you wrong, because your better than that.  He couldn’t remember it all, and so he returned to tell his angel, he didn’t succeed.  He was filled with shame, but she would not let him feel it for long,  inspiration was something that the angel was good at. 

The greatest gift that this angel taught this boy, who never seemed to get things right, and felt so out of place every where he went, was simply, what you do in life does not make who you are, but who you are makes everything in your life.  People don’t remember the clothes or the place you live, or the car you drive.  They remember the person and what they stood for and how that person treated them.  With all the lessons that the angel taught this boy, he would never have imagined the true reason why she did all the things she did, not for self gain or recognition but simply to make sure that this boy grew up to be the best angel possible for someone else.  His angel wanted to make sure her gift was never-ending. 

So I say to you my mother, I have no doubt in my mind that I will get a gift such as this on my day. As you see, you were my angel and with all that you taught me, I had to be someone’s angel back, just like you I have 3 to watch over and worry that they will fall, but to always have unconditional and non judgmental love for them.  That to me, that is the greatest gift I have ever received, it was from you….My Mother.