It’s Saturday night. It’s exactly 8:31 PM. I have sat down to write because my head is swirling from the intense frustration I have felt in the past 24 hours. I have my green thermos of water. I have my “writing music” on, and so here I am.

It started the other day actually when I realized I would have to renew my passport. I got angry at the fact that even though it only expires in August of this year, several countries demand you have a valid passport 6 months from your departure date. I leave May 31st. I know some of you are probably saying,

“ That’s no problem. They can expedite it.” Well I’m not bothered about the timeframe. What bothers me is that I will have to take the day off of work. Sit in a room packed with humans that will undoubtedly forget some document and be waiting 2-3 hours before one unfortunate civil servant has to point out that they forgot or brought the wrong document. I truly have no faith in humanity anymore. It took me only 2 minutes to find online what documents I needed.  It’s not difficult to do.

I had an argument with my mother about this, because she was the one that was in my livingroom at the time I made this revelation and when my brain began to point out to me the amount of obstacles that I would have to jump over just to handle this, made me lose it. I drove to the Shoppers Drug Mart, that’s a pharmaceutical store, to see if they did passport pictures and sure enough….phew. Ok I’m past that obstacle.

Now I get back home and I have to pick up my son who lives 30 minutes away by car and I couldn’t be happier. My youngest son truly brings pure joy into my life. He has helped form the man I am today, he was one of a handful of people. I get to his mother’s house and he’s just finishing up dinner and I show him the first draft of the illustration of my book. I layout the storyboard and he is so excited to see it all. Now I’m happy again. We have a constructive conversation about things and he tells me he has made a big decision about something. I can’t share it with you yet but when I can I will. Let’s just say his bravery is immeasurable. I am truly impressed with his maturity. We get to my place and then…

I get to my parking spot and there’s a car in my spot. I don’t get upset because it could be someone visiting my parents. Oh wait, I haven’t explained that yet have I?

Side note: My parents are living with me for now due to some health and unexpected issues. I couldn’t have them living in squalor.

So I call them from my cell and ask,

“Do we have anyone visiting?” The answer is no. Great.

I park my car right behind the car in my spot and make sure they can’t get out. I see that the owner of the car has purchased a parking ticket and it’s dated up to the next day at 7:30 PM.  I call parking enforcement and they say they are not allowed to tow because I don’t own the spot. I call management on-call service and no one has authority to do so either. The on-call maintenance guy gives me a 24 hour pass to park in a different spot. Ok fine, I don’t have to worry about getting in trouble. Now I’m fuming and I can’t think straight, tons of questions are swirling in my head.

Why do I pay for a parking spot, if anyone can just come and park in it with no consequence? I will spare everyone the other 100 questions, let’s just say they were parking related.

There’s signs everywhere. All you have to do is look at eye level and see that the visitor area is plainly marked. By the way, I want everyone to know, there were over 35 visitor parking spots available.

The next day I went to see management and requested the car to be towed. They said and I quote,

“Well we don’t just tow anyone. The owner of the car just made a mistake. I’m sorry for your inconvenience. Here’s a parking permit for the next 48 hours to park in visitors.”


There are “no parking” signs everywhere in the tenants area and the sign says that cars WILL be towed at owners expense. Not maybe. Not perhaps. WILL BE. Oh here’s a humorous little story.

When I came to view the townhouse I parked my car in visitors and I didn’t know it was paid parking for visitors at the time. I went in sat with the sales rep and viewed the townhouse and I loved it, obviously. When I got out to my car. Oh wait, I had only been about an hour. I got to my car and there was this yellow paper on my windshield.

Oh man, I got a ticket. I walked back to the management office and was very apologetic. The sales rep said, “No problem we can take care of it.”

I took from that situation, that they take parking seriously and will enforce the rules strictly. Move forward to today…

I wonder if I told them, I made a mistake with my finances and I don’t feel like paying my rent next month. Nah, that’s too dramatic. Better idea. Find out which reserved spots aren’t taken yet by tenants and tell my visitors to park there.

“Oh gee, sorry they just made a mistake.”

Here’s the thought process through that period of time. Now remember, I react in my head with extremes. I always have to play the doomsday scenario first…

No one does this to me. I have had it with stupid people. I can’t stand this anymore, I don’t want to live in this damn country anymore. I can’t wait to go on my trip and be somewhere that people don’t know me. This person needs to pay. I should leave a threatening letter on their windshield. I should run a key along the side of their car. I should break their antenna. Make them pay!!

During this train of thought, my girlfriend texts me to remind me of something I have to do before I have to leave on my trip. I can only see red and I text her a rude snappy message. I regret it the moment I hit send. It’s forever in the eternal abyss of the text world. I won’t share it here, to embarrassing. I decide the only thing I can do and should do is get sleep. I go and crash on my couch and watch anything. I fall asleep before I realize it and wake up a couple of hours later and slide into bed and don’t wake up until 7:30 AM. Everyone is still asleep and I decide to stay in bed. My mind races to remember everything from the day before and I realize how badly I treated her.

TEXT: I’m sorry for being snappy with you yesterday, you didn’t deserve it…I love you

REPLY: I love you too

Phew, disaster averted. Maybe. I still may have to pay for it. I will certainly deserve it though. I go back to sleep.

I get up and my son and my mother are making homemade pancakes. It’s 11:00 AM.

My son and I go to the movie’s and see The Amazing Spiderman 2, it was incredible!! I got emotional. The story was well written. I found some holes in the story but all in all, loads of fun. Now I’m sitting here trying to find something I can write that doesn’t involve ranting about stupid people. Hmmmm……

I think I got it…