Here I am sitting at the gate C30.  Before I go on, please note I truly apologize for any spelling mistakes that may occur.  I am typing on my cellphone and there is no spell check.  So, I’m sorry. 
I am already so relaxed, I absolutely love travelling.  I love everything about it. The packing, checking and rechecking and then checking and rechecking the checking. The check-in at the airport and then the security gate.  I walk through to the gate and I can see the palnes and my heart starts racing.  I look over at Rosalynd (my best friend) and she is so nervous. She gets air sick. It’s ok, she has me to watch over her puke bag.

I am so over excited right now. I am going to see so much and do so much.  So I have a message for you all that are following my blog.  I will only be posting pictures for the next 2 weeks and I want everyone, if you want to of course, to post comments to those blogs. Of course you can comment on any but I would love to read what you thing of what I am experiencing.  I can’t wait to share it with you all.  So long my bloggee’s. I’ll be back soon.  Ciao bellas!!