Believe it or not, today was international siblings day. Yes, there’s a day for siblings too. When I think of the special relationship between siblings, of course I think of my three older siblings, my brother Shadow and my two sisters Clorissa and Brodie. But what also comes to mind is a show that heavily focuses on siblings, a show that has touched the hearts of millions all over the world. It also tends to make people cry, like a lot. The show is appropriately titled This Is Us. 

I first started watching This Is Us a while after it had become a sensation. I was scrolling through Netflix on day (which, funny enough, I share with one of my older sisters), and I came across the drama starring Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia. It only took one episode, I was hooked instantly. Over the course of the past three seasons, I’ve grown to love the characters of the show, specifically the two of the three siblings, Kevin and Kate Pearson. The special bond between these two characters is very much reflective of the relationship between me and my three siblings. Before I continue, I must inform you that there may or may not be slight spoilers involving the story line of the show. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


In the first season Kate struggles with her weight and leans on her brothers, specifically Kevin, as emotional support. She decides to have Gastric Bypass surgery and although she doesn’t go through with it, Kevin is there as her aid in the medical decision-making. Much like Kate, I too have had to decide not only if I should approach a certain surgery for my face, but also whether or not seeking professional treatment for mental and emotional therapy is a good idea. After having a thorough conversation with my oldest sister Clorissa, I was sure therapy is right for me. She told me that venting about your life to someone with unbiased opinion can be helpful. Yes, having a partner or a best friend is great in those situations, but getting out your feelings without any bone of judgement can be freeing. This isn’t the first conversation I’ve had with my sister where she’s opened up to me in a way I don’t think she has with anyone else. Our relationship is essentially an example that siblings simply tell each other things that no one else knows. You could say we have an unspoken secrecy between us.



In the season three finale, there’s a scene between Kevin and his niece Tess that spoke volumes to me. Tess recently came out of the closet to her parents Randall and Beth and as been struggling with how to identify on her own terms and what makes her feel like her authentic self. First of all, she came out to Kevin via text and that right away was something I can relate to. I came out to my brother over the phone which was pretty close to how Tess told her uncle. I do have experience coming out via text and let me tell you, it was terrifying. Although Kevin has never experienced what Tess is currently going through, he proceeds to tell her that he knows what it feels like to not know who you are deep down inside. The advice he lends her is that we don’t really learn who we are all at once, we collect pieces of ourselves over a long period of time. The inspiration and support he shows to Tess is similar to a conversation I had with my brother a while after I came out to him. We were in the car and I brought up the topic of LGBTQ+ rights and my sexuality. My brother Shadow went on to tell me how he’ll never understand homophobia or people who disregard those of the LGBTQ+ community. Not only was I impressed about his rant, but also so insanely proud to call him my brother for so many reasons. The thing that stood out to me the most was that he said, “They’re just people.” So simple, yet so inspiring. It’s a conversation I’ll never forget.


Last, but if I ever dared to put least she’d kill me: Brodie. You know they’re really your sibling when they’re secretly planning your death. My relationship with my sister has been nothing but geeking out to our favourite fandoms (Star Wars, Kim Possible, Disney movies, etc). She’s as nerdy as I am, and I’m always all for it. We would watch the Kim Possible movie on repeat until we had the dialogue and choreography memorized. A lot of my childhood memories involve her and I’m eternally grateful for that. In the beginning of the show, Kate is Kevin’s manager. If I had to choose one family member to be my manager, my second choice would be Brodie. Sorry not sorry sis. In all seriousness, she’s always been the captain of my team because not only does she do her job as a big sister right, she looks out for me and only wants the very best for me. I am definitely the captain of her team.

At the end of the day, having siblings is one of the best things to happen to me. My two sisters drive me insane and my brother can be clueless, but that’s exactly why I love them. The things that drive me crazy are the things that make want to keep building stronger relationships with them. Life just wouldn’t be life without crazy sisters and clueless brothers. There’s no buddy like a brother, and there’s no soul mate like a sister. I don’t know if that’s from Instagram or the bible but either way I agree with it.