A Short Story

The storm had arrived two hours ago and the rain was relentless. It had soaked him to the bone. The clothes he was wearing had made it hard to move. At this point, he had to move, his life depended on it. He hadn’t expected the encounter with the man at the convenience store. He had walked in totally inconspicuously. The owner was arguing prices and taxes with an older man. Ignoring the argument, he made his way to the freezer section.  He needed a shot of cold air, that would give him the necessary energy to last out the storm.  Being outdoors during storm with all this rain was not an option. It drained him quickly.  This was supposed to be a quick rejuvenation, open the freezer door and then leave with the hope that no one even saw him.  It wasn’t going to work out that way.


He bolted out the back door of the store, into the rain.  His body was coursing with the new energy.  It was a lot more then he had planned. He ran down the alleyway and didn’t look back. He pulled the suit coat tighter around himself and looked down the next street that he came to. He started out with a quick jog but it turned quickly into a gasping walk. To his misfortune the owner had observed his changing in the security mirror above the freezer section. Upon the owners yell he had darted out of the store leaving a young man near death.

The man who was left by the freezer went into shock.  Seeing a human being, so he thought, change into himself rattled him, and to watch this person literally run out of the store just made it even more unbelievable. The owner immediately called for the police while he watched this thing disappear into the back of the store.

“I need the police at my store, a man-thing changed into another man and ran out.”  As he said the words, he knew he sounded crazy.  That’s what happened though and he had no other words to describe it.

“Yes, I said a man changed into another man.” Said the owner.

The 911 operator was asking for clarification.

“Look, this guy comes in, looked decent enough and then goes to the back of the store into my freezer section.  He opens the fridge door and some other guy was there and then they both looked the same.  Like twins. They weren’t twins before.” The operator replied with the standard comment,

“We’ll send someone right over.”  The operator hung up the line glaring over at his partner sitting at the desk beside him.  “This is a new one.”

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