I love sleeping in. I woke up today feeling relaxed and with no anxiety. I love that feeling. The day was ordinary and what I mean is that nothing really happened that was exciting. One of my dear friends came over and had lunch and we were able to plan our Portugal/Spain trip. It’s so exciting because we were able to make reservations at 2 hotels and we are basically set for the trip.
After she left I had time to watch a movie with my son, who visits me on the weekends. Spent some time on the phone with my girlfriend and that’s where the good stuff ends.
My son needed me to take him to the Wal-Mart close to his mothers home because his itunes card was not validated and they had to do it at that specific location. We get there and my son admits that he doesn’t have the receipt and also doesn’t have the gift card that he used. It’s not his fault. I was there when he originally bought it and the clerk was pretty clueless. Don’t blame him, he only gets paid minimum wage and why would he want to care about his job? It’s not like it effects anyone else…oh wait…
So I sweet talked the manager, and when I say sweet talk I mean, use so much logic she literally became glassy eyed. Now I know what a self induced stroke looks like. She was awesome though, she got him another gift card and loaded it with 25$. My son was looking so distraught and it looked like his dog died. I was so proud of him!! The manager looked at him and I saw her stroke disappear and be replaced with pure empathy. He replaced his card and was able to redeem it.
Then we leave the Wal-Mart and we get a flat tire. My son had this desperate look on him and said with panic “What was that?”
I heard it, the air whistled out of the rubber.

The roadside assist just showed up.
As he changed the tire I was humming, the wheels on the bus.
So it all worked out.