There are moments in my day where I feel pure joy.  Most of the time I’m stressed out about everything that’s in my life and making sure nothing will go wrong.   I’m constantly checking and re checking my schedule for the year and reviewing if maybe it could be more efficient.  My logic is simply, why put off something for later when it can be done now.  I actually thought about something I could take care of when I wrote that last sentence.  I need to get multiple insurance quotes for home and car.  As of May my girlfriend and I are moving in together.  During this full schedule, I had a moment.  I wasn’t enjoying myself enough through this.  I wanted to make sure I appreciated the process and events that were unfolding.  That’s why I’m writing this entry today.  I want to share some of my favourite things about this life changing experience and life in general. So here we go…

1. Reorganizing


It’s a known fact, I hate clutter.  I can’t stand having too many things in the space I live in.  I don’t have the need to fill ever space with a piece of furniture or knick knack.  If I end up with too many things, and yes I’m evaluating that on my scale of too many things, I simply just throw things out.  My logic is, if I haven’t used something in 2 weeks to a month, it should be thrown out.  I even think that when it comes to winter clothes and summer clothes, you should alternate putting them in storage.  I actually have an anxiety attack if I see a winter coat in the entrance closet in the summer.  So when I reorganize, it really makes me happy.  I have a detailed schedule for the next 3 months.  I can’t wait to implement each item on the list.  I have even made exceptions for “unexpected turn of events”.  The feeling at the end of my reorganizing is euphoric.  It’s as if I’m starting over again.  I have a clean slate to work with.  I love the feeling of starting over.

2.  White Clothes


I love when things look clean.  I don’t mean exactly clean as in you better not make a mess.  Yes, I don’t like being messy and I always pick up after myself but when I see white clothes, my mind is peaceful.  Coloured clothes sometimes give me a headache.  Wearing white clothes puts my mind at ease and I can think about all the things I need to think about.  The best part of white clothes is white bed sheets.  My absolute giddy moment of laundry is when my white bed sheets are finished drying.  Making my bed is a precision piece of work.  The bottom fitted sheet must be tucked in at each corner so as it can remain flat on the mattress and that way there are no wrinkles or folds on the bed.  Then a cover sheet must be put on.  This process can take a while.  I have to place the sheet just right on the bed before I can tuck in the edges. When I was small and my parents were making their bed, I would run into the room and jump on the bed and my mother would lift the sheet in the air and create this bubble dome with the sheet and I would think I was in a different world, nothing could hurt me.  It was my 3 seconds away from the bullying I lived through.  Later in life, it was a process for me to do the same as my mother by lifting the sheet and letting it fall gently on the bed and see that dome. It looks so peaceful and clean.

3. Writing


I know this one seems really obvious but I just wanted to explain why.  I moved to Canada with my family in 1976 and I had an extremely difficult time learning English. Because of that I was bullied and every time I spoke I was made fun of.  I learned the hard way to just say nothing.  Around grade 8 I found that writing my thoughts to myself and reading them to myself, I felt useful.  I also began to love creating these worlds I had put on paper.  Most of them dealt with the end of the world and I had the answer to save all the kids in my class.  Even the ones who bullied me and they ended up respecting me and even accepting me.  I never wrote about hurting anyone.  Everyone was saved.  I just never stopped writing since then.

That’s why.

4. Movies


My reality when I was little sucked.  That’s pretty obvious.  The second movie I ever saw in my life was Star Wars.  Here was this young kid who had all these dreams and hopes and only wanted one chance to prove himself against the oppressive Empire.  I related to Luke Skywalker.  When I finished watching the movie I couldn’t stop thinking about making my own lightsaber.  After reality caught up again I wanted to watch another movie just to escape.  Movies let me escape and now in my adulthood I love diving into another writers world and letting that world take me over.  I love that movies motivate me to write and also they influence how I think of the world.  I love that everyone in the movies looks so beautiful. I love how all the love stories turn out for the 2 lovers, I love that justice is always served, even when I don’t agree to it.  I love that in any shape or form, every movie has its appropriate happy ending.

5. Tea


My girlfriend will attest to how much I love my tea.  I always get a tea before work and I will easily arrive late to work just to get my tea.  I love sitting and talking and having tea. It has to be the perfect temperature.  I can’t stand very hot tea.  Warm tea soothes my soul.  If it gets cold I still won’t heat it up.  That’s why it’s important to also add the right amount of sugar.  It all depends on the size of the cup.  I will never add milk to my tea. Adding milk to water is plain wrong.  I can’t explain it.  It just seems uncivilized to me.  I know, it sounds so British right?  I like to think it actually sounds so Indian.  Previous entries will confirm I love India.  Yes the British drink a lot of it, but the best tea comes from India.  My girlfriend is giggling right now.  I even told her that I think I had a previous life where I lived in India, maybe I was even Hindu.  You never know, maybe I was a tea picker in India and oppressed by the Imperialistic English. Ok back to tea, I love tea because it relaxes me and also makes my life feel right.  Everything could fall apart and I could be severely stressed out but if I can have my tea, I know everything will work out.


So there are my first 5 favourite things, I will continue the list another time.  I don’t want to make this a Oprah show or something,


“You get a car, and you get a car, and you get a car…”


To be fair I did love watching her show where she listed her favourite things.  I loved how I disagreed with them all.  It was all material possessions.  Not to mention that most of the companies on the show paid her to have their products on the show. But that’s a whole different entry.


These 5 things I really love having in my life and I appreciate them very much.  They aren’t in order of importance, just 5 things I could think of off the top of my head.  I will start making a list and will keep you up to date.  Hopefully it makes others think about what they love in their life.


Thank you Universe!!