If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound? People have been questioning human existence and the perception of reality since the dawn of time. Looking at the world and you can find so many examples of the human race simply not listening for clues and signs that we are truly part of a bigger picture.

“The Earth would be a great place to live in, if it wasn’t for humans.”

I have heard this quote more and more for the past year. We seem to be disconnecting from each other and becoming quite complacent about ourselves. I truly find it disturbing how we can simply be observers to so much wrong and how we easily just shrug our shoulders when something we find “evil” is in front of us. We are obsessed with the 2 letter word that defines the age we are in.


If a person doesn’t say something that interests you, you will be tuned out. We have help after all, our technology helps us turn off. No this is not a rant on the youth today and how they aren’t in tune with world issues. In fact, the adults are so much worse then the youth. We are really not leading by example. That’s why new age parenting doesn’t work. The standard that a parent has to live up to is impossible in the guidelines of the new age parenting books that you read out there, if you even dare. I look at the book covers and just role my eyes.

We see world leaders gathering and even before they can start talking they begin by saying they aren’t interested in listening. Really?? Even if I won’t agree with someone, I at least will give them the respect of listening to their point of view. Basic respect and dignity for humans is to be heard. Being mature and compassionate, in my opinion characteristics that separate us from other mammals, make us listen. There is a difference.

I will always hear someone out. I will let them yell at the top of their lungs and state their beliefs. I will never, I mean ever, listen to hate fuelled language and messages that promote violence. I will just simply walk away. It’s not even worth trying to convince someone with so much hate. Trust me I know.

Now I know some of you are probably saying, “I fully agree.” I can tell you that you are probably the worst culprits of not listening. Strong minded people usually jump to conclusions and have already finished someone’s thought before they have had the chance to express it. It’s called being self-centered.

“I’m listening to what your saying and I know I’m going to disagree so why not just stop you from finishing.” Sound familiar?

We must respect each other and truly listen. Experts, they are out there, call it “Active listening”. When you truly listen to someone, you actually will paraphrase what the person is saying because then the other person will know you are engaged in the conversation. Yes I said it, conversation. Most of the time all we are doing is arguing. We are so addicted to our individual Rights that we fight and argue to make other people agree. I am so sick of self-righteous people. You know who you are.

At my work, I have to communicate with other people, I’m trying to be as impartial as possible. Just thinking about what I want to write is making my blood pressure rise. At my work I have to communicate to other people and I was completely dumbfounded that with one person I had to repeat myself 5 times, yes, 5 times to let the person understand the information. All I got at the end was an “Oh.”

Stupid is as Stupid does…

In a deserted island with shark infested waters, the man with the bathtub is a genius. People have to simply stop being stupid. For the love of life, please start listening to each other, some of you actually have really smart things to say.