I arrived in London shortly after 7 am local time, it was actually 2 am for me.  It was the first time I flew with British Airways and I must say I am thoroughly impressed.  Then again, I feel as if I have been subjected to mediocre airlines ever since I started travelling.  Let’s begin where I left off from my last entry.

They were calling out names at the C31 gate, and I heard my name.  Hema decided to go to the bathroom seconds before and I waited for her to return as I didn’t want to leave my bags unattended.  She heard my name being called out in the bathroom. (insert joke here)

I went to the counter and the agent gave me a new boarding pass without me knowing.  I asked the agent if she also called Hema’s name and she told me it was fine if she came up also.  When I was done, I walked back to the table we were sitting at and I told Hema to go and confirm her Boarding Pass.

Here is where it gets good.

Hema returns and says,

“She gave me a new boarding pass, my seat changed. Did you get a new one?”

I look at her and thought I never saw the agent giving me a new one, so I reached for my Boarding Pass and handed it to her.  She confirmed that I also received a new Pass.  At least we were still sitting together.  We sat down and thought nothing of it.  They must have had to re-arrange the seating for some reason.  Lucky for me Hema is not the type of person to just accept any change.  I think she would make a great detective or lawyer.  If you tell her that something is some way, she will investigate and find out why.  Not in a nosey way at all, just curious so that she understands the purpose.  Without me knowing, she finds a discrepancy with the new ticket.  There is information that has changed other than the seating.  She looks up at me and says,

“I don’t want to believe what I am seeing on the ticket, but I think we have been upgraded.”

I look at her and question her sanity.  Upgraded? Us?  Impossible, if by upgraded, you mean we now have seating in the cargo hold, then sure I believe you.  She holds up a ticket and says,

“See the words under the seating?  They are different. I googled it, check it out.”  She now holds up her phone and I read it.

We went from World Traveller Class to Club World Class, it’s the Business Class of British Airways.

Holy Crap, we just won the lottery, this is unbelievable. This is too good to be true.

That’s what it is, it’s too good.  It’s not real, they made a mistake.  No, I didn’t go back to the counter and tell them, that wouldn’t solve the mystery.  I decided we would just wait and see what happened.  Since we are now Club World, we have priority seating.

We line up expecting to be told,

“Sorry, you need to go back into that other line, we issued you the wrong tickets.  Nope, never happened.  They scanned our passes and we were now walking down the gate tunnel towards the plane.  The Flight Attendants at the door greeted us. Here is where we were going to be caught.  Yes, they issued us the wrong tickets and we are actually supposed to be in the back of the plane right next to the lavatories. Nope, never happened.  They just told us what aisle to go to and we would find our seats.

We were walking through the business section and realized that our seats were in that section.  This was unbelievable. Ok, act natural.  Don’t look as if you don’t belong there.  Of course, you belong in business class.  We work for a living, you are technically a business man, after all I do work for a business, right? We put away our carry-ons and accept our fate.  The seats have a privacy wall, Hema is sitting facing me over to my right and I am sitting by the window facing her and I take in just how much leg room I have.

I have a foot rest!! I have my own private TV screen.  I have a remote control for my TV screen.

“Excuse me sir.” Came the voice.

Oh man, great I have been caught, here is where my bubble gets burst and I have to go back to reality.

Nope, never happened.

“Would you like some champagne?”

Champagne?  Seriously?  Here is where someone wakes me up and I have to say,

“I had the weirdest dream.”

Nope, never happened.  “Yes, I would thank you.” My mind is racing with disbelief and utter joy.


Hema is just beside herself, she keeps giggling and pointing out all the little extras. Now comes the part which I will never forget, not that all that other stuff wasn’t great, but this next part is what I fell in love with.

My seat reclines all the way down to form a bed!!

I am able to sleep on the plane fully horizontal? I start testing out this theory.  Here is where my luck runs out, the seat is broken and it only moves 2-3 inches and I won’t be able to enjoy the pure ecstasy of sleeping on a plane.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to scratch this First off, my list.  I start pressing buttons on the remote, don’t ask me why I thought the seat settings were on a TV remote, my brain was overloaded with joy.  The seat never moved. 30 seconds later, a flight attendant shows up.

“Yes sir, how can I help?”  OH MY GOD, the flight attendants are psychic!!  This airline is awesome!! Can you imagine the interview process?

Yes, I can work 7 days a week.  I want to be a flight attendant because I love to travel.  I’m sorry what?

Am I what?  Oh psychic, I thought you asked me if I was a psycho.  Yes, I am psychic actually, Samantha Stevens is my mother, my father works as an Ad exec for a Marketing company.

Nope, they aren’t psychic. I apparently called her when I pushed every single button on the TV remote.  One of them is to call for assistance.  I apologize and tell her I didn’t know.

Oh great I just admitted I have never flown in business class.  Can you imagine what I would have done in First Class?  I asked the attendant where the seat settings are and she helps me without pointing out how much I don’t deserve to be in Business Class.  I end up testing out the seat and I can confirm to you, yes it completely reclines into a bed.

I haven’t even reached India and the trip is already so memorable.  I actually slept 2 hours or so, watched 2 movies as if I was at home lounged on my couch. The food was amazing!  I ate a turkey Christmas dinner over the Atlantic, and I never, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I never felt the jolt of a leg or arm against my seat.  I realized something when I was disembarking.  Canadian airlines, all of them, really really suck.

To finish off, we had to go through customs in London because if I wanted to have a smoke, there was no enclosed area in the airport and I had to go outside. So, I also got a stamp on my passport that says I landed in London.  Another First off, my list.

You will never hear me complain.