Most of the time when I get a writing idea it gets dismissed because I find it goes no where or that it was just a flash of a possibility and then there are those times when the idea is so ridiculous that I laugh at myself and forget it.  This is one of those times, a ridiculous idea.  The strange thing about this is, the more I think about it, the better it sounds.  That is my disclaimer about what I’m about to write.  So here goes and just keep an open mind, I sincerely think it should at least be pondered if not discussed.

I have written about accountability in one form or another in my entries and after several months living through the pandemic, this idea came to me from one single comment someone had spoken.

The world needs justice.

Now this is also brought on from the current riots in America.  It seems that everyone around the world is making a statement about it, and yes from what I see it is in support of correcting the injustice and racism that the African American population has had to live through and fight against for centuries. But this is not about that, but the theme is oppression. It comes down to 4 words.

We should sue China.

What I’m imagining right now is 2 reactions. Some of you are frowning and thinking, what a nonsensical idea and some of you are thinking, can we? Could we? How would that work?  Let me address the group who think this is nonsense, then I will address the ones who are intrigued by this.

I have spent most of my months in isolation, reading and watching how politicians seem to be so scared or concerned about being sensitive to China because of the importance of that country to the global economy.  Because of there short-sightedness we all, and I mean the rest of the world, will have to endure years of hardship, unemployment, lower lifestyle choices and simply psychological stress which we have not seen since World War II.  China has manipulated the pandemic from day 1. If you still deny this fact, well I simply can’t help you and you should go back to burying your head in the sand.  Let me be crystal clear at this point that I am in no way saying any of the Chinese population in China or abroad had anything to do with this.  I am talking about China as a political establishment and ideology.  It has been almost 20 years since 911 and we now know what ideology can do to a country and how it can kill innocent lives. China has one thing going for it.  It is extremely patient.  Communism is a cancer.  It starts silently and sometimes sleeps for years until a small opportunity presents itself and then it attacks and spreads.  Cancer spreads by the host ignoring the warning signs and also attaching itself to vulnerable organs and tissues.  That is a simplistic explanation for me to make my point, so don’t comment about how cancer works, I’m no Oncologist, I won’t argue back.  Communist China was born from such an example.  World War II was what Communist China needed to be born.  The world ignored the signs and said,

“China is a third world country; it could never get to the stage of influencing policy.”

So, China waited.  The U.S and Canada made a huge mistake back in the 70’s. They gave China an unquestioned, unfiltered golden chance.  Soviet Russia told the world that communists dictators couldn’t be trusted.  The world was hanging by a nuclear thread in the 70’s because of threats from Soviet Russia. Any time the soviets asked a question or wanted to talk, the rest of human civilization was asking,

“What’s their motive? What are they really after?”  Rightly so, in my opinion.

They never did that to China.  We were already suspecting them of human atrocities and questionable behaviour. But whatever, we’re just consumer whores, we’ll do anything for money and cheap fun toys.

China has systematically manipulated foreign policy, hacked into our tech infrastructure and played allies against each other.  Also, China understands democracy and capitalism. Corruption, like a virus does not discriminate from Race, Religion, Creed, or Sexual Orientation. It will destroy your way of life no matter who you are. China is unpredictable and as such it had patience to wait for volatile leaders and also weak ones.  Canada and the U.S are 2 such examples.  The U.S has a president who is, to say the least, volatile.  Canada on the other hand has a leader who is intellectually equal to our ancestor the Neanderthal.  He’s like the gorgeous boyfriend everyone wants but hates to introduce to family in case he opens his mouth and embarrasses you.

“I would break up with him so fast if he wasn’t so gorgeous!”

Well, sorry to say the break up will happen and then years later you find out how many other worthwhile suitors you could have dated and regret even meeting him.

His father wasn’t much to look at, but hot damn he was smart.

Back to China, the West didn’t demand enough from China in the beginning when setting up trade routes and agreements.  The West was greedy and stupid.  The West constantly plays as if our economic health and growth rests on China.  The truth is, now it absolutely does.  But it doesn’t have to anymore.  China actually needs the rest of the world more.  The majority of the Chinese population is poor.  Sure, the fastest growing financial demographic is the middle class, but that is because of the experimental Chinese socialist capitalism. Even that term tells us all how little they think of our way of life.

Oxymoron anyone?

It first started when the Chinese government manipulated the Chinese currency to effect world markets. That was the first blatant disregard for our way of life. Further evidence of this is when Canada saw a massive flood of Chinese investors buying up property faster then the Canadian supply had.  Normal Canadians were to naive and stupid to understand that it was driven by the Chinese government when they pushed the soon to be wealthy Chinese population to pay their dues when the government lowered national policy on their citizens to take part in the world financial market.  The educated and well-informed Chinese population didn’t and don’t trust their leaders and they knew very well corruption is rampant and wide spread.  Where could the new wealthy hide their money?  If only there was a country who accepted and had easy regulations when it came to foreign investments?

O Canada! China didn’t like it and complained to the government of Canada and when we said,

“Not our problem, it’s yours.”

China took action on the only thing Canadians hold dear. The entitled freedom we expect when we first recite our allegiance to Canada. Then the Canadian populous is so shocked and surprised when China starts making unreasonable demand on the Canadian government and to put a little extra pressure, they unlawfully detain our citizens who only wanted work in China to help the Chinese people. They also took aim at our pride, our Farmers. China has never played by the rules. Not even theirs.  Just look at the morally apprehensible and illegal policy action towards Hong Kong.  The agreement for the UK to turn over it’s claim on Hong Kong was that China would give 20 years for Hong Kong to do its own thing with gradual Chinese policy to be integrated into the population.  The Communist party of China signed the agreement and again waited.  It didn’t take them long to start pressuring the Hong Kong leadership and making unreasonable requests, one of them was for information on their citizens. Privacy was the first lesson in Communism. There is none. And now they threaten the UK when the British government calls them out on it.

Most of the Mainland Chinese population are in manufacturing and agriculture.  That takes a lot of human beings to do, especially if you provide the whole world’s inventory.  The way to rid yourself of cancer in most cases is to excise the tumour.  Take away the opportunity for it to grow.  The Chinese people would revolt if China couldn’t hold on to their current economy. So how do we help them?  We give other countries the opportunity.  There are several countries in the world who would jump at the chance to build things for us.  China understands the West more then The West understands China.  The West believes in forcing the world to do it’s will by a show of force. I mean it worked in World War II, so why wouldn’t it work all the time?  China behave or we will punch you in the mouth.  China on the other hand knows, we are all greedy motherfuckers.  We love our stuff.  More stuff, means stronger ego.  You have no idea the rush I get from owning 5 toasters, and one of them even has an alarm clock!  China began global economic conquest and it is about to win, if we don’t do something about it.

China deliberately ruined the global economy.  There is evidence and also you can tell from how they behaved during the beginning stages of the pandemic.  The politicians got one thing right. This is a war.  China declared war on the world. It is a known fact that they withheld crucial scientific information about the coronavirus.  They had a genome sequence for the coronavirus and withheld it from the WHO (World Health Organization). One can make the argument that they planned this for years. Is it a coincidence that they donated billions of dollars to WHO before the outbreak so that they could then dictate the information being released? Remember the key to Communism being able to live and survive is to control the flow of information. It got tired of being lectured on foreign policy and also,

“How dare you tell us how to treat our citizens.”

China’s answer to everything is,

“Make me.”

First thing’s first. China should lose its seat at the U.N.  Then, we start advertising that any 3rd world country interested in doing trade can call us.  We will have an order of 1 billion cellphones ready for the country to start on.  Why are we so obsessed with playing nice with China when they have never played nice? They never had the intention of playing nice.  I can think of one country which could almost eliminate unemployment in 5 years, India.  They have the largest democracy in the world, yes democracy, not dictatorship and oppression.  Have I made my case yet?

To the second group, it’s simple.  We find a lawyer who is knowledgeable in international law and human rights.  I for one know who I would love to use.  Amal Clooney.  It would cost each one of us, 1$ USD to retain her.  We sue China for damages, loss of property and stress.  Everyone who lost a loved one would get 1 million dollars.  Each  person in the world would get at least 100$ USD. Add 5 billion dollars U.S for other punitive damages. Then China would have to give up all their trade deals and pay for all legal fees.  What’s the worst that could happen?  They would ignore the ruling and never pay us, but they would know we know, they are a cancer.  It’s time for surgery.  I even have a name for our mission, Operation-Take Down The Great Wall.