My Father,


Today I’m supposed to let you know how much I appreciate that you’re my father.  Did I get you a card, buy you some clothing that you can wear and announce that your “son” gave you.  To me those things don’t seem to quite do it, that’s why I told the Ferrari dealership I would pass on the Testarossa, I figured you would think it was too flashy.

So I walked around to see what I could get you and I came along this shop that offered round trip tickets to the World Cup in Brasil and I figured you couldn’t go because you would miss your soccer games on T.V, so I passed it up.  Then I thought, you like great food, so I was going to invite a great chef to make you a dinner just the way you like, and then again I realized you don’t like to have people come over, so that idea went up in smoke.  So you see, I did try to get what you wanted but none of it seemed right, so I know you like to read, and that’s why I’m writing this to you, to let you know how hard I tried to get what you wanted.  But if  that isn’t enough I can definitely buy you some flowers and get you a card that lets you know how much I appreciate you. 

Just so you know how much I appreciate you, I have planned to have my 3 children stay with you while I go on a trip with Mom, I just didn’t want you to stay alone.  I also want you to know how much I appreciate that you don’t need to use the car all the time, I am glad I can keep it in working order for you.  Also I appreciate that you keep the fridge so well stocked, so I don’t have to think about going home to make food.  I know how much you don’t like to have quiet alone time, that’s why I ask you to drive me home all the time. 

So you see Dad, I know that you enjoying your personal time, you are really just waiting for me to ask you for something, you won’t ever be bored.  I will make sure you always have something to do.